PERKINS Loan Borrowers Only

The Perkins Loan Program has many different deferment/cancellation options available to borrowers. If you are a Perkins Loan borrower and are working in one of the areas listed below you may be eligible for cancellation benefits on your Perkins Loan.

  • Teaching in elementary or secondary schools
  • Law Enforcement
  • Allied Health Services
  • Military

There are other areas in which forgiveness may also be an option. For more information please review the required eligibility criteria on the deferment/cancellation form.

After reviewing the eligibility criteria on the form, if you believe you qualify for partial or full cancellation, please complete the information required, and return the form to PPSLC, Attn: Perkins/Accounts Receivable, PO Box 1055, Canyon, TX 79015-1055.

If you need assistance, please contact our Perkins Department at (806)324-4145 or fax at (806)655-3669.