About Panhandle-Plains Higher Education Foundation (PPHEF)

PPHEF is a Texas non-profit corporation and is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and education purposes. The primary activity is to provide scholarships to qualified students for the eligible educational expenses consisting of tuition and required fees, required books and supplies, room and board and incidental expenses related to attendance at an accredited educational institution in the State of Texas offering a degree program requiring at least two years’ school attendance. PPHEF has developed the Windmill Scholarship for this purpose and interested students may review the eligibility criteria for the scholarship by selecting the Windmill Scholarship tab of this website.

In addition, PPHEF provides outreach programs to students and parents concerning federal and state financial aid opportunities to assist with the cost of attending college. These programs provide information on the federal financial aid application process concerning how to apply, when to apply and the eligibility process. Hands on programs are also provided to walk students through the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The PPHEF website also provides valuable resources for students and parents concerning financial aid information, college planning, assessment tools, high school student planning guides, student skills and financial literacy.

PPHEF will continue to provide programs to educate student loan borrowers concerning repayment of their student loans. This information helps borrowers navigate the student loan repayment process and allows PPHEF to act as a borrower advocate to help them understand the many options that may be available to them during the repayment of their loans.

PPHEF will continue to provide services to public and non-profit institutions of higher education, including loan billing, analysis of student loan default rates, and providing State of Texas mandated yearly student loan debt disclosure notifications with information concerning the estimated amount of Federal or State student loan debt a student has outstanding and estimates of monthly repayment amounts.